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Cover Orange: Wild West

The Journey continues! Protect your cowboy oranges from the deadly rain.

61.2K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

Cover Orange: Space

The final part of the Cover Orange Journey series ends in space!

27.8K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

Cover Orange: Pirates

The Journey continues! Protect your Pirate oranges from the acid rain.

23.1K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

Cover Orange: Knights

Protect your orange knights from the acid rain.

18.9K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

Cover Orange: Gangsters

The Journey continues! Protect your gangster oranges from the acid rain.

23.3K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

All We Need is Brain 2

Destroy all the zombies in each level by strategically using brains to lure them to their deaths!

81.4K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

All We Need is Brain: Level Pack

Strategically place brains to lure zombies into traps in each level of this physics-based puzzler.

35.7K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

Spaceman Max 2

Spaceman Max is back to his second adventure on another planet. Help him in this sequel to get through his alive. In each stage of the physics-based puzzle game Spaceman Max 2 you have to remove boxes in the right order to disable traps and make the astronaut fall out the screen without any damage.

20.0K plays

Puzzle Free

Safari Time 2

Help the animal in the black and white striped coat to have a great time on safari in the African wilderness. Click on objects in the right order to remove annoying obstacles in the way so that the funny zebra can drive his jeep unhindered throughout.

35.9K plays

Puzzle Free

Nightflies 2

Nightflies 2 is the sequel to the cute physics-based puzzle game, in which you must help a group light-seeking insects to repair the latern. Therefore they need the light bulb, but it's hidden behind some barricades.

12.3K plays

Puzzle Free

Magic Safari 2

The brave zombie really wants to set out on a Safari. In Magic Safari 2 you have to help him on his trip without crashing. Figure out the challenging puzzles using gravity, making things disappear, changing the shape of things and even using magic! good luck

20.1K plays

Puzzle Free

Go Robots 2

This is the sequel of nice game Go Robots. Help twin robots in their awesome adventure, trying to escape. Good luck!

19.1K plays

Puzzle Physics Free

Disaster Will Strike 6

In Disaster Will Strike 6, you will need to think harder than ever to crush all the eggs and complete each level. Strategically launch meteorites or unleash other disasters to break the eggs.

11.3K plays

Puzzle Free

Disaster Will Strike 5

Use your egg breaking skills to win this epic battle. Protect the white eggs in the game from being cracked.

13.8K plays

Puzzle Free

Building Demolisher 2

Building Demolisher returns with his second delivery, where you must destroy the structure in each level by using the limited number of demolition balls at your disposal! More fun and very tragic end for Demolisher fails in its work!

18.9K plays

Puzzle Strategy Free

Aliens Get Out!

It was a regular shiny day and people were coming doing their routine business when suddenly the alien army appeared in the sky. Can you resist and save your people from that danger?

23.2K plays

Puzzle Arcade Physics Free

Amigo Pancho 6

Help Amigo avoid spikes, explosives, cacti, and other hazards as he makes his way through Afghanistan. Try to collect the stars that appear in some levels.

24.9K plays

Puzzle Arcade Free

Cover Orange 2

Use your logical thinking and spatial imagination and save the fruits from the poisonous rain.

66.2K plays

Puzzle Free

Disaster Will Strike 4

Use available natural disasters and destroy all the eggs at the game area.

16.1K plays

Puzzle Free